10 Thoughts on Charlaine Harris' "From Dead to Worse"

I am back, just under a week after writing my last review. For the first time, I finished one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels in one sitting. From Dead to Worse really caught my imagination and kept me hooked all the way, only pausing for drink and bathroom breaks. So here are my thoughts on Charlaine Harris’ From Dead to Worse.

1. Emergency bridesmaid.

This is exactly what I was hoping for. Seeing Sookie back at home, dealing with the same handful of people she has to deal with in Bon Temp. I appreciated Haleigh’s kind gesture, asking for Sookie to fill in and I’m glad that Sookie got to have the opportunity to be a bridesmaid for Haleigh, as she was denied the opportunity with Tara.

2. You can’t pick family.

This seems very true for Amelia’s Father, Copley Carmichael. She seems truly terrified of him and it seems his only feelings towards Amelia is that of responsibility. I am unsure if he truly loves his daughter, or whether he sees her as a part of his life that he cannot budge. He seems like a slightly nicer guy when dealing with Sookie, offering to pay her and giving her the respect that is due. However, I am sure that in future book we shall see the other side of Copley Carmichael. It seems that Sookie can not pick her family either. Jason did some permanent damage to his relationship with Sookie by making her go and find his cheating wife. I am unsure their dynamic will ever be the same. But, no doubt, Sookie will speak to Jason again, by the end of the novel she was coming to terms with that fact.

3. Hello, great-grandfather.

Not a phrase many can say they have said, far fewer to a fairy. However, Sookie does always seem to be in the minority. Niall is an intriguing character and offers a deeper insight into the fairy world. We learn in this book that the angels have nothing to do with christianity and that fairies live for hundreds of years. I believe Sookie is right to be suspicious of Niall. He is new in her life and she needs to have time to warm up to him. I understand her desire to have a “normal” relative. But unfortunately, I do not think this is going to happen. Sookie should keep her distance, until she knows more about Niall and his intentions.

4. Pam and Amelia sitting in a tree.

Now this is a couple that I can get behind. I was upset to hear at the end of the novel, that Amelia seemed to be pursuing Dawson and leaving her vampire lover behind. But the cuddling on the sofa, the late night embroidery, I lived for every second of it. I hope, although I know that there is not much ground for it, that Pam and Amelia will give it another go, despite Dawson being a great guy, I just have a soft spot.

5. The Were war.

I learnt a lesson from this plot line: don’t jump to conclusions. I was convinced that Patrick Furnan was behind the murder of Maria-Star and the attempted murder of Sookie. But, he was innocent after all, but his innocence, along with his life, did not last long. I am unsure if Alcide fits the role of pack master. He was harsh and uncaring in this novel and that might be due to losing his girlfriend, But I shall have to wait and see if the role becomes him. We see Sam as a lion for the first time and I have to say I am excited to see what else he turns into. In the anticipation of the reveal of weres to the world, I think Sam will have to become involved in the politics, no matter how he feels about them.

6. Viking or Confederate soldier?

Eric and Bill play more important roles in this novel than they have in quite some time. I am unsure how I feel about Bill. I think there is truly some love for Sookie there, but after how he mistreated her before, I think it would be unwise to trust him with her heart again. However, I definitely think that there is a chance for Eric and Sookie to hit it off again. His rekindled memory helps things along massively and his adoption of the term “lover” has got to be one of my favourite things in the book. I think, at this moment in time, the Viking has got to win this one.

7. There’s a new King in town.

And he’s a sassy matador. To say there was tension in Sookie’s house the night of the handover is to put things mildly. Things seemed to happen so quickly. The Queen was dead, the sheriffs were dead and that left Sookie, Eric and Bill in a tricky situation. I mourn the loss of Sophie-Ann. I thought she was a truly interesting character. But this new monarch seems to come with his own quirks. I am unsure how well the situation will fare for Eric, but we shall have to wait and see.

8. Bye Bye Quinn.

Now I have to say, this one hurt. If you have read my reviews before, you know that I have a soft spot for Quinn the weretiger. He seemed so right for Sookie, human enough to have a future, but supe enough to have an edge for her. I understand why she let him go. Looking out for oneself is important and he just wasn’t giving her the attention she needed. I don’t honestly know if he will be back. And, surprisingly, I don’t know if I want him to be.

9. Bob the human-cat.

I am glad that that storyline is over. I enjoyed having Bob the cat around, but it was time for him to resume his form and be on his way. I am not surprised by the way that he reacted to Amelia, I think I would be feeling the same. I am unsure how Sookie will deal without a cat and with an extra roommate. I think it is important for Sookie to have time alone, as is proven in this novel various times, when she wishes she could be alone but can not.

10. Another little telepath.

The introduction to another Stackhouse telepath was an interesting one indeed. It seems Sookie’s family tree is expanding rapidly and I am excited to see how she will deal with it. She must protect the boy, without alterting the vampires to him. I wonder if Niall will learn about the young boy’s talent, and thus fairy blood. Perhaps the Father will want nothing to do with Sookie. But either way, I feel that Hunter will cross paths with Sookie again.

I very much enjoyed this novel. It was jam packed with action and emotion and I simply couldn’t put it down. I give From Dead to Worse a solid 4.5 out of 5. We learnt about Bubba’s situation, we had more Jason and Crystal, how much more of that we will have I am not sure. We had far more Eric, far more Sam and far more Sookie in Bon Temp.

I am hoping to read Dead and Gone just as quickly as I read From Dead to Worse. I believe that Harris is a drink best downed in one.
I shall be back to give you my thoughts on the ninth book in the Sookie Stackhouse Series. Until then, give me your thoughts on the eighth novel in Harris’ series.

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