10 Thoughts on Charlaine Harris' "Dead and Gone"


I’ve just finished reading Charlaine Harris’ Dead And Gone and I thought I would come and give you my thoughts on the book whilst they are fresh on my mind. So here are my ten thoughts on the ninth instalment of the Sookie Stackhouse series.

1. Arlene, be gone!

I had truly hoped that there was some hope for Arlene, that she might see the error of her ways and repent for all of the awful things that she had said. But alas, some people are just wicked. I thought we had seen the last of her when she stormed out of Merlotte’s, after the “coming out” of the weres, but I was convinced that she had crucified Crystal. But, worse than that, to try and lure in Sookie, the woman who looked after your children? Her character has officially been given the black spot from me, I don’t care if she saves the entire world, she is just plain evil, through and through.

2. Here comes the bride, carrying her knife.

I sympathise with both parties where the marriage (if that's what we can call it) of Eric and Sookie is concerned. He wants to protect her from anyone who might wish to harm her, but he also tricked Sookie and no doubt did it partially so that Quinn could not visit and rekindle his relationship with her. I think Eric should have talked it through with Sookie first, before making the commitment. But at least Sookie is safe, kind of. I am waiting to see where the romance between Eric and Sookie goes, especially now that Bill seems to be in the running again, which I had never expected.

3. Hello, FBI.

Having the FBI sniffing around Sookie is bad news, period. But it seemed that the two agents managed to provide some help where the Arlene incident was concerned. I am worried for Sookie and Barry though. I don’t think that this is the end of the FBI investigation and I have a horrible feeling that they will be back again, pestering Sookie to work for her country.

4. Problems with Fairies.

It seemed that most of the problems in this book revolved around the Fairies. Niall has seemed to have brought with him a whole load of trouble that Sookie did not need. Claude and Claudine are a help to Sookie, and I would go so far as to say close friends, but it seemed that for how much joy Niall brought with him, Sookie seemed to suffer more than it was worth.

5. Bunk with me tonight, Eric.

So, the marriage wasn’t a complete flop. Eric is slowly, but surely proving himself to Sookie, showing that he truly cares for her. Quinn is well and truly out of favour and I was surprised at how well I coped with this fact, seen as I became so attached to him. But Sookie is slowly letting her wall down, and going to bed with Eric for the first time since having his memory back is a step towards creating a relationship with him that might last.

6. Bubba’s back, baby!

He is back, the King made an appearance in this book and we are shown the friendship between both him and Sookie, but also with Russell Edgington. It seems that some of Bubba’s shortcomings as a bodyguard were brought to light in this book. I hope that we see more of Bubba in the books to follow.

7. I love you, Jason.

Now this was a shock for me, finding out that Mel was gay, and that he had killed Crystal. Although his character is gone, he was not given the black spot for me. I understand that he loved Jason and that Crystal had hurt him. And goading him into having sex with her was such an awful act that I am not surprised that he slapped her. It was interesting to have a gay human character in the novels and it was more interesting still to see how Jason and Sookie reacted to his being gay. I hope that we see more gay characters in the books to come, as I find it interesting how the south, that is stereotypically depicted as homophobic, deals with it.

8. Fairy nonsense.

We learn much more about fairies in this book. It seems that they almost have divine powers, with Niall controlling the sky and Breandan controlling the water. I don’t believe that Sookie really feels a kinship to the fairies, after hurting her so much. The torture scene was hard to read about. And it is interesting how Harris has taken characters that usually are depicted as being kind and friendly and portrayed some of them as monsters. The passing of Tray was truly sad, it seems that Amelia can not catch a break. It seems sadistic and cruel the way that the fairies dealt with Tray and I feel that perhaps Sookie is better off having less to do with them.

9. Claudine.

We have two deaths of mothers-to-be in this book. It was almost too much for me to bare when we were told the news that Claudine had “gone to the summerland”. I will miss her softness and kindness to Sookie. I am anticipating Claude’s reaction, if we get to see it, losing a twin is difficult, and no doubt it shall affect him.

10. Was it all for nothing?

I can’t seem to work out Niall’s thinking at the end of this novel. I understand that the fae are too dangerous for humans, but it seems that so many had to die for him to realise this. Sookie will never be the same, physically nor mentally. I believe that we shall see a massive shift in her character in the books to follow. It seems almost ironic that after fighting so long to keep the portal open between the fae and human world, Niall closes it. It seems that, if he had come to this realisation earlier, that a lot of lives could have been saved and there would have been a chance for negotiations to work. I am anticipating the reaction of the fae, as to whether they shall stay in the human world or retreat to the fairy realm. And I am waiting to see if Sookie shall resent her Great-grandfather for leaving her with the mess that he created. With the knowledge that the fairies killed her parents, I am sure that Sookie will be pretty tired of fairies from now on.

I truly enjoyed this book and the exploration of the fairy world. I also enjoyed the progression of Sookie and Eric’s relationship, but I fear that this has been put into danger by Sookie’s feelings for Bill.

I give this book 4 out of 5. It was packed with emotion and action and I am looking forward to seeing where the plot takes us next.

I would like to take a moment to send my thoughts and condolences out to the friends and family of Nelsan Ellis, the actor who so brilliantly portrayed Lafayette in the HBO series, True Blood. He was such a fantastic actor, and he is gone far too soon. He shall truly be missed.

I shall be back to give you my thoughts on the tenth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series: Dead in the Family. Until then, please go and give my social media a follow, @peachpaaige to keep up with my updates and tell me what you think about the books.

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