10 Thoughts on Charlaine Harris' "All Together Dead"

As promised, I finished the seventh instalment of the Sookie Stackhouse series far quicker than Definitely Dead. Despite having no Bubba, I very much enjoyed this novel and would go so far to say that it is one of my favourites from the series thus far. So here are my thought on Charlaine Harris’ All Together Dead.

1. Sookie in the shower.

I asked for more time in Bon Temp and I definitely got it. I loved the early scenes in this book, especially when Harris explored Sookie’s friendship with Amelia and Sookie’s involvement in the wedding shower. There seems something so peaceful about the times when Sookie is in Bon Temp. When she is working, or arguing with customers, it all seems like a normal life, the life Sookie would have had before vamps and other supes infiltrated her life. Now that Sookie is back in Bon Temp, without any summits to look forward to; hopefully we will see more of her in her home town.

2. Quinn, the boyfriend sort.

So it is safe to say that I am a little smitten with Quinn the weretiger. I respect his forward approach to his and Sookie’s relationship, by asking to stay with her for a month. A weekend, I can understand, but a month? The guy has balls. We get a glimpse of Quinn’s work with vampires during the summit, in his genie outfit and his blades. We also meet his sister, Frannie, who I cannot say I was a fan of to begin with, but significantly warmed to by the end of the book. Sookie and Quinn’s relationship took its beatings in this book, but I hope that they will see it through and that we will see more of the weretiger in the next book.

3. Wedding on the fly.

I am not sure Jason and Crystal are the best match and I am definitely not convinced that Sookie swearing to anything was a good idea. But the whole last-minute ceremony shows Jason’s personality perfectly. It would not come as a shock to me if in the next book, we have a split on our hands, and Sookie being pulled into something she really doesn’t need to be getting involved in. I hope they prove me wrong, but I seriously doubt it.

4. Warriors from another dimension.

As the books go on, it seems the supe community keeps growing, with Harris introducing us to different varieties. Although the goblins and maenads didn’t stick around for long, I hope that the britlingens are here to stay. I have spotted that there is a story about Clovache and Batanya called “The Britlingens go to Hell”. I will have to give that a read to learn about these other worldly body guards.

5. Good Queen or Bad Queen?

Sophie-Ann is a hard character to read. In this book, it seems Sookie is happy to work for her, up until the Andre incident. However, by the end of the book, we are left with Sookie despising the Queen, even refusing a free journey home, just to be away from her. The Queen of Louisiana -  and now Arkansas -  saw some serious injuries at the end of this book, and I am excited to see both how she recovers and how her relationship with Sookie will develop in the future.

6. Here come the grooms.

Russell Edgington seems to pose less of a threat to Sookie and the world than he did in the HBO series True Blood. Now happily married to his spouse, it seems that the incidents of Club Dead have been forgiven and forgotten. I enjoy the effortless inclusion of a gay couple. With the death of Lafayette, the LGBT presence has been a little low. This is not a complaint, mainly just an observation. I am excited to see if Mr Edgington lives up to his HBO counterpart in the books to come, or whether he shall continue to pose little threat to the world.

7. Eric, you do care!

We see a whole different side of Eric in this book. However, unlike my predictions, it seems the waters are now even muddier than before. It is clear that Eric cares for Sookie, but he does not seem to be taking it any further. Perhaps it is because she is mortal and he is not, he does not want to love her and then have to let her go. Or maybe he is respectful of the fact that Sookie is now with Quinn. Whatever it is, Sookie and Eric are connected on a deeper level now and there are feelings on Sookie’s side that were not there before the blood exchange. I am excited to see where the relationship between Sookie and Eric goes, especially in relation to Sookie’s relationship with Quinn.

8. Sookie the life saver.

We see Sookie take a real heroine role at the end of this book. We not only see her looking after the people she cares about, but also saving anyone she can get her hands and her brain on. I respect Sookie in these scenes and I also saw a deeper intelligence come from her in piecing together the plot. Sookie might be a telepath, but she is also a natural investigator. I am sure that she will be hunted down by the authorities in the books to follow, now that she and Barry have shown their talent to the world.

9. Barry the Bellboy.

I hadn’t realised how much I had missed Barry until he showed up in this novel. His relationship with Sookie is complicated. He appears to care about her and respect her, but at other moments, he seems to judge her and feel disappointment towards her. The introduction of another telepath seems good for Sookie, there appears to be a kind of camaraderie in their ability. I hope to see more of Barry in future books and I hope that he manages to patch things up with Sookie.

10. Beware the Fellowship.

The Fellowship of the Sun has been a repeated threat since the second novel in the series: Dead in Dallas. It was mentioned in this book that a civil war will break out and I don’t think that is too far off what will happen. I cannot imagine a reality where the humans defeat the vampires, but I am sure the Fellowship will try to take as many with them as possible. I think a large war has to happen and one of the sides has to be defeated.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am going to start rating the novels and I would give All Together Dead a solid 4 out of 5. I would have enjoyed a little more Bill and a little more Quinn, but apart from that, it was one of my favourites thus far.

In the next instalment of the series: From Dead to Worse, I hope to see more of newlywed Jason and more of Sam, since he has been gone for so long. I also hope that this business with Eric is smoothed out and that we see more of Pam interacting with Amelia. Claudine made a brief appearance in this book, but I would like to see more of her and as always, I am hoping for more Bubba.
I already have my thumbs in the next Charlaine Harris novel and I will be back to give you my thoughts on From Dead to Worse.

Give me your thoughts on All Together Dead and your predictions for From Dead to Worse in the comments!

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